Chapter I. Melvin Municipal

Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott, a 20 year veteran of the Greensboro Police Department, pulled into his parking space at the Greensboro Police Department on Federal Place in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina, turned off his car and opened the door just in time to witness the explosion on the fourth floor in the front of the Melvin Municipal Building, Greensboro's city hall just across Washington Street from where Chief Scott was parked."Son of a bitch!" he shouted as glass and debris flew from the building. "That looks like the Mayor's office!"

More than a dozen officers ran towards the building as Chief Scott grabbed his phone from his side to call dispatch to get Fire and EMS on the way. Then he called Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan. "Hello," she answered.

"Are you okay?" Chief Scott asked.

"Sure I am," Mayor Vaughan answered, "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Somebody just blew up your office?" Chief Scott replied.

"As in blew up like bombed my office?" the mayor asked.

"As in if there was anyone inside they're dead," Scott answered.

"I need a drink," the mayor said.

"Are you at home?" Scott asked.

"I'm at my beach house," the mayor answered.

"Good," Chief Scott replied. "Stay there. I'll call down and inform the police there to keep watch on you 24/7."

"Thanks Wayne," Mayor Vaughan replied, "And keep me posted on what you find out.


"Hello," Retired State Senator Donald Vaughan answered his cell phone.

"Where the hell are you?" his wife, Mayor Vaughan asked.

"Well good morning to you too," Donald laughed, "I'm in Costa Rica, where are you?"

"I'm at the beach house," Nancy answered. "Somebody blew up my office."

"Well get out of the beach house before they blow that up too," Donald laughed. "I'm behind on the insurance premiums."

"Funny, ha, ha," the mayor quipped. "What are you doing in Costa Rica, laid up with some whore I bet."

"Same as always," Donald laughed, "Just taking care of whatever business pops up."

"Well you better get back to North Carolina ASAP," Nancy ordered. "When I get back to Greensboro there's going to be press conferences out the wazoo."

"You're the mayor," Donald laughed, "I'm retired, what do you need me for?"

"How about to look after your daughter you sorry piece of shit!" Nancy shouted.

"Well if you'd go ahead and make our separation public you wouldn't have to play this silly game," Donald laughed.

"Fuck you!" Nancy shouted. "Just make sure you're on the next plane to Greensboro."

"If you'd done that I'd have never gone to Costa Rica in the first place," Donald laughed. "Sure would have saved me a whole lot of money."


"Are all the civilians out of the building?" Chief Scott asked while surveying the damage inside the mayor's office.

"Yes Sir," replied Assistant Chief Captain James Hinson, "the entire building is secured."

"It's really not all that bad," Cheif Scott said, "broken glass, furniture, interior walls, I doubt the Fire and Safety inspectors will find any structural damage at all."

"Looks like the entire blast was aimed out the windows," Captain Hinson agreed.

"Well we'll leave that determination to the bomb squad," Chief Scott said.

Suddenly a second blast rocked the building! "Find out where that came from!" Scott ordered. "And clear everyone from the building."

"Everyone out of the building!" Captain Hinson ordered on his radio. "I repeat, this is Captain Hinson ordering everyone out of the building."

As Hinson and Scott ran out the front of the building Hinson said, "Sir, that blast was in Council Chambers."

"Well," Chief Scott replied, "I guess we'll be cancelling tomorrow night's City Council meeting.

"I didn't really want to go anyway," Captain Hinson said. 

"Me neither," Chief Scott replied, "but it looks as if we'll still be working late tomorrow night.

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