Chapter XIX, A National Threat

Author's note: Previously I was told that some of the scenarios  I've written of are not plausible or even possible. I promise you all of them have been researched and could be done quite easily by the right people. I'm now adding links and video to prove I've researched my work and that what I am writing, while fiction, is a real and possible threat.


When the Democratic Super delegates nominated Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders the Democratic left was thrown into an uproar. Sanders had clearly won the popular vote but as had been the case all along the Democratic Party refused to give the nomination to an outsider.

Then when the final election came along in November the Electoral College did what Conservatives had most feared they might do-- they chose Hillary Clinton to be President of the United States of America over the wishes of the American people.

The entire nation was outraged.

All this had taken place shortly before the bombing of the Melvin Municipal Building where our story begins.and tensions were growing worse every day. Despite the fact that the bombings appeared to have stopped in Greensboro the bombings and other types of warfare was spreading to cities all across America as the left and the right sought revenge for everything from abuses against minorities, job losses, the failing middle class, shrinking 401Ks and everything in-between.

To make matters worse there seemed to be no leaders anywhere. The few people who stood up to lead were quickly hunted down and arrested or killed by police and Federal law enforcement so if there were any leaders they simply went underground. The various groups all seems to operate independently, as if they knew others existed but didn't know who they were. And many people seemed perfectly ambivalent towards the whole thing as long as they and their friends and families weren't being killed.

One of the problems faced by police was that almost anything could be turned into a weapon. A used gutter spike fired from a homemade crossbow could penetrate any bullet proof vest. Multi-stage compressed air rockets that no one could hear coming could be built from soft drink bottles and fired from thousands of feet away. They weren't accurate but with homemade warheads attached they were devastating and could be built inside any garage or spare room anywhere.

With the prices of scrap metals at a 50 year low things like old fire extinguishers and other metal cylinders were free for the taking and easy to convert into various types of mortars. And cheap 110 volt MIG welders meant that with just a few hours practice anyone who wanted to spend the time watching YouTube videos already knew how to do it long before the Feds ever began attempting to pull the plug on the information stream.

Bowling balls, rocks and lengths of chain could be fired from homemade cannons. Even toys could be weaponized as Super Soakers were converted into flame throwers and something as small as an ink pen could be made to fire a single bullet and fire they did. All over the nation, anywhere people believed the politicians had done them wrong.


Mayor Vaughan answered her cell phone in her office at the Guilford Green Foundation, "Hello Mother, is something wrong?" she asked.

"The police just called," Florence Barakat replied, "they want to search your house."

"Well why didn't they call me?" the Mayor asked.

"I don't think the officer realized you live there," Florence said. "He said he got my number from the register of deeds."

"Tell them I'll be right there," Nancy said as she hung up the phone then looked at her police escort and said, "Radio you Captain and tell him I'm on my way home and no one is to go inside my house until I get there."

"Yes, Ma'am," the officer replied.

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